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Don’t worry, nothing too graphic will be described dear reader, but it was worth noting for history that Saturday was the first time in many a week that I was able to have a shower. Shocking though that may seem, limping, jumping, crawling, hopping, or blindly willing myself in wasn’t possible until I could use crutches, was strong enough to use said crutches and that the all powerful physio-terrorpist had supplied a fantastic plastic stool and had deemed the endeavour safe.

Operation Shower Curtain required military style planning and coordination of shampoo and shower gels and multiple towels. A mobile phone carefully placed out of the water splash zone, but near enough if emergency numbers were required. It was like an opening sequence of a Columbo episode, the killer working out the perfect crime. Move that towel there, it may save me, move that soap away, it will try to kill me…

Shifting weight, picking a balance point on the stool is key, a relaxing deep breath at the achievement and then the deluge of streaming cold water until I found the right clock position on the shower dial for hot water..about one O’clock.

Finally, shower time…

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