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A medical update is a rare thing on here these days, but here’s some new stuff. I got referred to the Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, as two and half years on from the car accident, aches, pains and the challenge of getting up and down stairs faster than newborn Isaac continues. In for the first x-ray and blood tests, revealed holes in my bones. First consultant named these ‘lytic lesions’ in her summary letter, which if you google, you find the ‘c’ word hanging, well, like cancer. So had CT scan to further investigate all the joints, which are mostly touching bits of other bones they shouldn’t be. And there’s the rub. Second consultant – the big cheese, who set up the ankle department 20 years ago, declared there’s not much to do, describing my ankle like a concrete slab, smooth and functioning as it should, and then you drop an iron wrecking ball on it, and it shatters. Now you have crazy paving for an ankle. It functions, but it a bit rough around the edges, and it always will be. And the holes, aren’t lytic lesions, just holes and described his associate doctor as not having quite as many grey experienced hairs on her head.

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