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Yesterday entailed a doctors turning up first thing armed with scalpels and stories of card games in Romania. Final stitches came out of my right arm. One doc was there as pure distraction! Then I had a jaunt on newly arrived electric wheelchair that my brother very kindly hired…had it set to minimum speed, but it’s pretty swift!

Then later, a police woman from the traffic squad turned up to question me and get my statement about the accident…my statement was brief as I don’t remember anything. She said that was probably a good thing as she said I was in a lot of pain. She then told me what the other driver said and what happened. Essentially, he admits to driving a couple of feet outside his lane, though I’m not clear if that was a sudden move. She made it clear that it wasn’t my fault so not to worry. CCTV exists of me driving normally around the corner, then line of sight is lost, then a queue of cars is seen backing up, post impact.

Then I fell asleep for a couple of hours. It’s almost like being at work. 😉



  1. Michael Hogg

    December 21, 2012

    Here’s a story for you. I join Twitter. A few hours later I log on and have a look around. At the top of a ‘discover’ list is one Richard Parker of something called Photonbox. The top of the list! Please tell me you somehow initiated this because it’s a hell of a coincidence! I’ve requested a follower status. Really nice site by the way. Chuffed you’re on the mend. I’ll be in touch.

    • rich

      December 21, 2012

      Hey mike – I’d like to say my Jedi powers were at work but I suspect WordPress and Twitter had colluded in my star status..! I do sign up to various blog listings and ping the site, so maybe something actually worked!

      Yep, still in hospital in Cheltenham, essentially waiting for my body to recover and you discover there’s no speedy way to do it. Thought I might be home for Christmas today, for the day or couple of days, but again like Jedi mind poetry, seven stone steps stood in the way of escape.

      Time can move pretty slow in hospital, so thank god for 3G iPhones! Hope you and the family have a great Christmas…raise a wee dram of amber nectar in my southerly direction and wish healing thoughts!

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