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This issue came out not long after I made the camera buying decision, to go for the Sony NEX 5N, rather than Fuji X10 (partly due to seeing X10 and X100 together…you kind of lust after its bigger brother after a few minutes of playing. I might experience the same thing with Sony’s bigger brother the NEX 7, but it wasn’t out at the time, and besides, both X100 and NEX 7 were well out of the budget.)

Anyway, the issue of ‘white disks, or orbs’ coming out on the images of the X10, seems to persist, even after a recent firmware upgrade. Apparently there are black orbs too – maybe Fuji has tapped into some inter-dimensional universe with its little X10, and it’s black holes and white dwarfs being witnessed. That probably isn’t happening, otherwise the marketing department would have mentioned it as unique selling point. See the dpreview article here.

The new retro kid on the block is the Olympus OMD, which is treading a design line somewhere between the modernist NEX 7 and the retrotastic, homage to Leica, Fuji X-Pro 1. I can’t help but think of the 70-80s synth based band when I read about it – maybe they were on the designers itunes playlist at the time? Maybe the next model will be the ‘OMG!’

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