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Yesterday I went to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust for a photographic day, spending the day with the wolves and our cameras. The day was really well organised and we had good access to most of the wolves, including walks and ‘meet and greets’ with the wolves. Some of the access was restricted through wire fences (for obvious reasons!), which hindered getting totally unobstructed views, but with at the right angle and some post cropping, many of the images should work. They move fast, so firing off about 600 images wasn’t difficult, and helps nailing focus…a few must be!

All the handlers and staff were very friendly, and eager to help everyone gets some good shots, as long as you stuck to the rules, and as volunteers, they were there because of their love for these amazing animals. Highly recommend a photographic or walk day. A good fast zoom helps, though nothing longer than 50-300mm is needed. I tend to shoot in AV mode, whilst keeping an eye on shutter speed and ISO. Should of switched to shutter priority, as the cubs (10 months but practically same size as full adult) are everywhere! But my new fast zoom helped. I’ve only sped through the images this morning, so no images to offer up yet…stay tuned!

Visit the UK Wolf Conservation Trust website here.

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