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Ok, so the Guardian’s headline maybe a little over the mark, with “World’s best travel photographs”, but they always put together an interesting collection, which vary in style and tone. The travel photography genre is a wide one, that can include more traditional and specific subjects like wildlife, and landscape, as seen in this collection. The funny thing about the article is not the photos themselves, but the vitriol that accompanies them in the comments, suggesting they are dated hackneyed, cliched, art rather than photographs (but not very good art obviously), and that generally the commentator could do better if they could be bothered to be a photographer, which they can’t, but if they did, it would be considerably better than this rubbish…

I shouldn’t ask, but why all the negativity – its a great selection of images. Will they all be to everyone’s tastes, no. Are the photographers themselves claiming to be the messiah of travel photography, no. Even if you don’t like the images, because of the subject or the composition or the processing style, have a little patience, take the time and look for what you do like; you might learn something.

“I spent 12 hours buried in an underground pit…my efforts were finally rewarded as a herd of wildebeest galloped by.”

12 hours, buried in a pit waiting for that shot. That’s dedication. No wonder he’s proud of that photograph! And I couldn’t resist including the beautiful Siberian Tiger, also by Chris Weston.

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