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No, nothing dodgy to see here…just news of a new camera acquisition! The amazing looking (modelled after Leica M3, so can’t be a bad start!), and fantastic feeling Fujifilm X100! Dad, if you’re reading this…just buy one now to avoid extreme jealousy! I bought a Sony NEX 5N late last year, and although it was a great camera, highly rated by every reviewer going, it just wasn’t that comfortable to handle. Personally, I think my fingers were too long, or the grip height too narrow, or something. I loved the tilting screen and it was blazing fast at focusing and firing off multiple frames, but just found it a bit fiddly – something that can’t always be measured in a camera review, or even handling at a camera show.

Anyway, on ebay it went, along with lens and EVF, and that completely funded the X100. Prices for the Fuji have come down in anticipation of an X200 (though the price of that would be £300-400 more on release), and the NEX 5N is still the latest model and very popular, so has kept its value. It was a good time to strike while the proverbial iron was hot…

The X100 is…beautiful. Its the only other digital camera I’ve picked up other than my dad’s Leica Digilux 2 and had that real ‘ooh’ moment. Yep, I love my Pentax K7, but that has the square jawed, matte black, stealth tank thing going on, the Fuji has classic Leica rangefinder looks, and more importantly has that similar feel – its an aesthetic thing, down the quality of materials, colours, fonts, the click of a dial, the push of a button, and weight of an object in your hand. Oh, and according to every reviewer, it takes some of the best quality images of any camera available. Some say, don’t even bother taking RAW, there’s no need. Well, hyperbole aside, it’s a lovely camera that wants to be picked up. I did this afternoon, but the gods of rain decided Cheltenham was a good place to start crying over…

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