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I previously mentioned the new Fujifilm X10 as an object of desire, and a candidate for an addition to my camera arsenal; there’s only one other, my Pentax K7, so as arsenals go, it will be akin to the combined armed forces of Liechtenstein, but hey, its quality not quantity… Steve Huff is a photographer, Leica lover and has a fantastic website where he reviews gear, does comparisons and posts interesting articles from other photographers – what separates him from the dpreview.com’s of this world are his ‘real world’ reviews; in other words, not getting bogged down in specifications and boring test shots. He also tends to throw in a comparison to a Leica M9 and 35mm f/2 summicron, which is obviously a little unfair to many cameras, but he does point out it’s, “just for fun…”

Check out his full review of the Fuji X10 here (he may of just confirmed my choice..!)


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