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Nerves… don’t you just love them. Without them I’m sure the world would be a pretty grey state without sensation, but there’s always a ying for every yang. When being punctured with needles, like earlier today, sometimes your body’s nerve endings, wake up and start shouting at the world, like some kind of badger cull protester that are frequenting the hills around me in the dead of night. I twitch a finger, and my bicep screams out, whilst the tingling in my lower leg marches on to a regular beat.

As a way of managing muscle strength, massage and pain relief, a TENS machine was also recommended by physioterrorpists; though not to replace them obviously, they have bills to pay. Enter the Slendertone Optimum via ebay… It does all kind of things to your muscles via transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Bruce Lee used one, back in the 70s, though I suspect his was made of stripped down car batteries and wet sponges in a Hong Kong kung fu workshop. I doubt I’ll get a ‘six-pack’ out of it…too many bottles of prosecco and bags of pretzels for that, even though the packaging is aimed at that market, rather than the less sexy medical use.


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